Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!

It’s Mother’s Day in case you didn’t know...which is a great day to reflect on all our mothers have done for us. When I think of growing up with my Mom and what I am most grateful for, I have to say that the things that come to mind first are all the times I walked into her room to find her on her knees in prayer and the service I saw her give in my youth and all the times I saw her with a pile of books in front of her studying the gospel. Those are the memories I cherish the most. Then I think about lots of other stuff too, like the times she picked me up from school at lunch time and took me wherever I wanted to eat. I remember her being sweet to my friends and driving us to the mall. I remember how she cooked real food ( I think I was in my twenties before I saw her use spaghetti sauce out of a jar) and that she always made sure there were vegetables with every meal. I remember the time she decided to remodel the bathroom all by herself. She even put the toilet in. I remember walking into the bathroom and seeing water shoot out of the wall at her and how that was the only time in all my years that I have ever ever heard my mother say a cuss word...oh and that period of time is also the only exception to the vegetables with every meal rule. I think it took her six weeks. When my mom watches Alf she laughs so hard it sounds like she is dying. My mom does not like to sing in the choir but she has done it more than once just because she was asked to. My mom has a strong testimony of the gospel and loves the Lord.. And of course, my mom thinks that I am a truly special person. My mom loves me even though my bad posture drives her crazy. Happy Mothers Day, Mom. I love ya lots.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Way to go dipstick!!

Today I went to Walmart to get my oil changed. Sounds simple, right? But it wasn't. After I roamed around for a while I was called over the intercom to come back to where my car was. I was told that my dipstick was broken and that they couldn't change my oil without a good dipstick. Since they were the last ones to change my oil they would reimburse me for the dipstick but I had to go get it. So I drove to the dealer, grabbed the dipstick and went back to Walmart. They changed my oil........oh wait...NO. They did not. The dipstick was broken farther down then they thought. So they had to send me to a mechanic...yes a mechanic to get the dipstick out. The mechanic came out to my car and tried for a few minutes to get the dipstick out. He couldn't so he pulled it into the garage to get the job done. So this story should end here, right? Yeah, it should (pause for dramatic effect)But it doesn't! They have to order a tool...yes, order a tool to get the dipstick out. It's too bad because I was looking forward to going back to Walmart for the 3rd time today but alas after running around all afternoon my oil still has not been changed all because of a little dipstick. I have to go back on Monday once the tool comes in. Funny how a tiny little object can be such a big pain. Maybe I'll spend the weekend trying to create an indestructible dipstick. Who wants to help?

Monday, September 19, 2011

I mean it this, really I do

Dear Pepsi:

I’m breaking up with you.Yes-Again! I mean it this time. I can no longer allow you to sabotage all my efforts to be healthy and fit. I want strong muscles, more natural energy, a vibrant countenance, and firmer abs. In spite of your sparkling bubbles and sweet sugary taste I must end our destructive love affair while i’m still young and cute. Maybe someday we can be friends-but not now. Don’t call. Don’t write! Don’t send me coupons! And no hanging out outside my window making that pshhhhhh sound either!

See ya!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Do you know where your house keys are?

I think my fear of heights developed in my teen years but the spaciness thing...I was probably born with.

Today my sister picked me up for lunch and she parked in the back of our townhouse. Our townhouse has an enclosed patio and the gate to the patio has a lock on it. I had taken my house and gate key off the keychain when I had gone on a walk this morning. Do you see where this is going? So, I walked out the backdoor onto the patio-after locking myself out of the keyless..gate keyless and spare to be found! My sister started laughing at me. (My sister has 4 kids including a newborn so I'm sure she needed a good laugh) There was only one way out of this predicament and that was UP. Me..Anne P. Turner...the fraidy cat of heights had to get on a tall wabbly ladder, climb up on the roof, crawl across the roof on my belly(which the HOA prohibits, making me a rebel in the eyes of my neighbors for sure,)dangle my feet from the roof hoping that the gutters underneath me don't collapse, while listening to pebbles from the roof fall into those gutters and finally I felt my feet touch the top of my sisters Durango and she was still laughing! Did I mention I was wearing white? I needed a good laugh too..and that little mess did the trick.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Cousins....New Nephew

When I was about 10 years old a secret was revealed to me-about me. The dad I knew,the man my mother was married to, wasn't my only dad. My real father had passed away from lung cancer a day or two before I was born. I found out that was where my middle name (Partington) came from and after a while pieces of my life began to be made known to me. For instance,I had siblings I didn't even know about. I hadn't seen them since I was a baby. Over the years I would try to find them but to no avail and I still have had no success.
But, one day last summer I had a voicemail from my mother saying she had something to tell me. When I called her back, she started telling me a story about something that happened to her in the Temple. She was with some members of her ward and one of them was doing work for some Partingtons. My mom asked her how she was related to the Partingtons and she said her mother was one. After talking they realized that Tami's mother and my father were first cousins. For the first time in my life I knew how to locate a relative from my father's side. For the first time I wasn't a lone Partington with no earthly connection to the others...and today for the first time ever, I met in person, my second cousin, Tami, as well as her husband (who also happens to be my mom's bishop) and their children. As I anticipated this day, I didn't know what to expect or how I would feel but as I was driving to Provo this morning I felt a little emotional about the whole thing. My own sisters are out there somewhere and as far as I know they don't even want me to find them and maybe they do but I have no evidence of that and I feel a little hopeless about it sometimes, so to be on my way to finally meet a relative on my dad's side, a cousin who really wanted to meet me,who would invite me to the blessing of her grandchild was the best thing ever. I walked into the church and found her and she gave me a big hug and it was an emotional moment for both of us. She said she knew that my dad wanted me to meet her. I think she's right. I think my dad was happy to know that I felt a little more connected to our family and that our family was more than just some mysterious wonder that I doubted I would ever find. It's hard to explain what the whole thing means to me and it's so weird to think about how life my mom ended up in the same place with my relatives that I didn't even know. Isn't that just crazy??? I feel grateful for my new cousins and the experience also makes me want to be a better sister,aunt,friend, and so on to the ones who have been there all along.

Speaking of familiar, as well as, new relatives, my sister brought a beautiful baby boy into the world last week. Precious, Landon Spencer Jarvis was born on Friday morning. I look forward to holding him in my arms, changing his stinky diapers and bonding with him as much as possible before his parents whisk him away to live in a far-away land in just a few short months. ( about a bitter-sweet time for me) I love him. There is something about holding that perfect innocent little angel in my arms that makes my heart melt and it makes me want to be a better person too.

BTW, it's not that I don't see the run-on sentences. I'm just too sleepy to do anything about it.

That is all. Good night!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What I Learned About Angels and Progress in 2010

At church on Sunday, I started to think about how progress has always meant hardship...from the beginning.

Mormons believe that we lived before this life and that as soon as God presented his eternal plan to us, a war broke out because some didn't like his plan. So in that case..progress meant war. We had a fight on our hands. Then as soon as Adam and Eve took the chance to progress they were cast out of the beautiful Garden of Eden and faced the dangers of the world outside. Things would never be easy again. And why should they be?

Last year, I experienced some "progress" of my own and maybe you did too. At the beginning of summer my insomnia got worse and I experienced the disappointment of having my plans to run, hike, hike and hike some more crushed by a painful case of plantar fasciitis. Not being able to exercise didn't help me sleep better and I started to feel a lot of frustration and hopelessness. Things eventually improved...a little. Then, in October I lost my job and in November I came down with a nasty bug. I had a sore throat, an ear infection, laryngitis that lasted so long I forgot what my real voice sounded like and I had to go the ER one morning because I couldn't breathe. (I guess whatever I had hit quite a few people and hard.)

And, I wouldn't change any of it. Yep that's right...none of it. Because, I learned last year that when we are going through what feels like hell on earth - sometimes in the midst of all that - is when God shows us evidence of his love. When we can't feel it on our own, he just puts it front of our faces so we can't miss it. And he does it through other angels, no doubt. He showed his love to me at girls camp during a powerful meeting with my precious Young Women , where I just couldn't help feel his love, after I had been starving for it. He showed his love to me when I was sick and some wonderful people brought me meals and magazines and fresh squeezed orange juice. One of those dinner sharing friends had no idea I was sick but had a feeling out of the blue that she needed to call and check on me. If that's not a guardian angel, I don't know who is. No one can tell me there is no God. No one can tell me he doesn't care about me. I'm guilty of accusing him of letting me suffer unfairly sometimes but don't we all say or think dumb things when we are hurting? But at the end of the day he is there and sometimes if I can't see him on my own..he sends in reinforcements. I hope I get to be a reinforcement sometimes..even if I don't realize it when it happens.

Losing my job was the best thing for me. I was so miserable at my job and felt so trapped. Now I'm free to try new options and I have received lots of support as I've pursued those new options. More evidence that I'm not alone in the world.

So, as I progress in this world, I anticipate some scary and dark times. I anticipate blessings that feel like curses and I anticipate angels along the way to pull me out of the darkness and to help me clear my fogged perspective. And like I said, I hope that along the way, as I progress, I get to be an angel also, to others who are experiencing their own progression. I've seen what they can do...and I can imagine no greater call.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I heart kids

I've decided I want to start blogging again. I also decided that I needed to choose between making my blog private or taking the pictures of my nieces and nephews off of my blog. I chose to remove their pictures and find a more private way to share them. I love them. I want to keep them safe. I think I removed them all. If you see any I missed, let me know.